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Table of Contents

I. Colonization Activity

II. Honorary Members

III. Chapter Sponsors

IV. Chapter Presidents

V. Fraternity Leadership

VI. Fraternity Awards

VII. Other Chapter Information

VIII. Prominent Member Biographies

Appendix 1:Petitioning Document Excerpt

Appendix 2: ”Changing Times for Zeta Chi”




Zeta Chi Founding Fathers, 1974



Scott H. Babson, Jr.

John C. Bellow

Steve Coatney

Benny P. Ferguson

Mark E. Fischer

James K. Hartsfield, Jr.

Steven T. Higgins

Andrew H. Howell, Jr.

Fred E. Langley

Larry R. Quattlebaum

William “Russ” Rhodes

Decanie E. Sanders

James R. Shirley, Jr.

Lawrence J. Shoal

Michael R. Sox

John N. Stringfellow

Robert “Jeff” Turnage

Richard Westmoreland


Zeta Chi Charter

I. Colonization Activity


Zeta Chi has six Little Brother chapters: * indicates active

Chapter # Chapter College/University Date of Installation
204 Theta Mu Johnson C. Smith University October 19, 1986
242* Kappa Beta Clemson University October 30, 1994
251* Kappa Lambda Winston-Salem State University March 14, 1999
258* Kappa Sigma East Carolina University March 25, 2001
272 Lambda Theta Coastal Carolina University November 7, 2004
294* Mu Eta University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill September 6, 2008


II. Honorary Members


Gus Hutchins March 1975 James William Bynum, Jr November 1975
James K. Copenhaver December 1976 Pat Wylie October 1977
Larry Volman November 1978 Gordon R. Goodwin February 1980
Rupert E. Ray April 1981 John. T. Emche April 1982
James T. Moody April 1982 Francis T. Borkowski October 1983
George A. Grogan, III October 1983 R. Douglas Graham October 1983
Arpad A. Darazs October 1983 Dr. Lemuel Berry, Jr. November 1984
A. Keith Amstutz April 1985 George B. Lane April 1985
Robert K. Marcum April 1985 Charles R. Herald April 1985
Ronald A. Davis March 1986 Roger Pemberton November 1987
Tim Crenshaw March 1989 Dr. Andrew D. Gowan September 1989
Kenneth Mitchell Corbett September 1989 James Hall April 1992
Telina West November 1992 Elton E. Cameron, III November 1992
Dr. David O’Shields Kimberly Wells Trotter March 1996
Phillip N. Golson April 1999 James Eugene Black April 1999
Tom O’Neal April 2000 Andrew David Koch December 2000
Jamal J. Rossi April 2001 Jason C. Frith April 2001
Robert Christopher Toole April 2001 Dr. Kirk Randazzo October 2001
Dr.CliffordLeaman April 2003 Dr. Brad Edwards October 2003
Travis Benjamin March 2005 Dr. David Scott Herring April 2007
Traci Hair April 2007 Jennifer Jablonski November 2007
Chris “Mal” Moore November 2007 Kelli Rooks November 2007
Dr. Malinda Matney February 2008 Dr. Rebecca Phillips November 2008
Dr. George Brozak November 2008 Andrea Pouncey November 2008
Taylor Harding November 2008 Dr. Rod Chestnutt April 2009
Derrick Mills April 2009 Steven McKeithen April 2010
Jessica Brancaleone April 2010 Gordon Hicken April 2010
Steve Wulff April 2010 James Taylor April 2011
Dr. Scott Weiss April 2011

III. Chapter Sponsors

Tom O’ Neal 1974-1976
James K. Copenhaver 1976-1977
Larry Volman 1978-1980
Ken Pouncey 1980-1982
Ken Pouncey and Ken Corbett 1982-1983
Dr. Andrew Gowan 1983-1989
Dr. Andrew Gowan and Ken Corbett 1989-1994
Dr. David O’ Shields and Ronnie Pugh 1994-1998
Dr. David O’ Shields 1998-2007
Ken Corbett and Dr. George Brozak 2007-2009
Ken Corbett and Dr. Rebecca Phillips 2009-Present

IV. Chapter Presidents

William R. Rhodes 1974-1975
Mark E. Fischer 1975-1976
Andy H. Howell, Jr. 1976-1977
David Cockfield 1977-1978
Marvin Carnell 1978-1979
David Maudlin 1979-1980
Steve Hendrix 1980-1981
Steve Etters 1981-1982
John Daniels 1982-1983
Ken Davis 1983-1984
Doug Leadbitter 1984-1986
Tracey Green 1986-1987
Scott Schreifer 1987-1988
Wesley Cavin 1988-1989
Chris Stone 1989-1990
James Dickson 1990-1991
Nicholas Duvall 1991-1993
Kirk Randazzo 1993-1994
Brian Boan 1994-1995
John Smith 1995-1996
John Germani 1996-1997
Chris Prunty 1997-1998
Chris Bussell 1998-1999
Benji Lee 1999-2000
Chris Camposano 2000-2001
Jon Couch 2001-2003
Jason Long 2003-2004
Corey Davis 2004-2006
Nicholas R. Annan 2006-2008
Evan L. Thompson 2008-2009
Sara G. Trinkl 2009-2010
Ben Pouncey 2010-2011
Robby Barton 2011-2012

V. Fraternity Leadership


The Zeta Chi chapter has a distinguished history of prominent fraternity leaders.


District Officers

The National Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi is composed of Six Districts; Zeta Chi at the University of South Carolina is located in the Southeast District.

Brothers from Zeta Chi have served on the District Council several times:

Marvin Carnell President 1979-1980
Jamie Barker Vice President 1980-1981
Ken Corbett Secretary-Treasurer 1980-1981
Jim McNeil Member-At-Large 1980-1981
Steve Hendrix President 1981-1982
Keith James Secretary-Treasurer 1983-1984
Ken Davis President 1984-1985
Keith James Secretary-Treasurer 1984-1985
Bill King Member-At-Large 1984-1985
James Dickson President 1990-1991
Kirk Randazzo President 1994-1995
Matt Love Secretary-Treasurer 1995-1996
Ryan Johnson Member-at-Large 1996-1997
Jimmy Dickson Member-At-Large 1999-2000
Chris Bussell Vice President 1999-2000
Nicholas Annan Vice President 2007-2008

National Officers

In addition to serving in district level offices, Zeta Chi has had several brothers serve on the National Council and on the National Headquarters staff.

Ken Corbett
National Member-at-Large, 1985-1987
National First Vice President, 1987-1989
National President 1989-1991
Board of Trustees 1989-2009

Dr. Kirk Randazzo
National Vice President for Student Affairs, 1995-1997
National Vice President for Programs, 1997-1999
National Vice President for Colonization and Membership, 1999-2001
National President 2001-2003
Board of Trustees 2001 – Present

Evan Thompson
National Chapter Field Representative, 2010-2012

VI. Fraternity Awards

Kappa Kappa Psi has numerous awards to honor individual and chapter achievement in the fraternity.

National Awards

Chapter Leadership Award
During each biennium, outstanding chapters are selected by the National Council and presented recognition plaques at the biennial convention. The chapters recognized with a Chapter Leadership Award are closely screened by a committee which is responsible for selecting the recipient of the William A. Scroggs Founder’s Trophy; the highest chapter honor.

Zeta Chi was selected for the Chapter Leadership Award in the following biennia:

1979-1981 1981-1983 1983-1985 1985-1987 1989-1991 1993-1995
1995-1997 1997-1999 2005-2007* 2007-2009 2009-2011

*Zeta Chi received the William A. Scroggs Founder’s Trophy at the 2007 National Convention in Orlando, FL. The Chapter Leadership Award presentation was made by Brothers Nicholas Annan, Drew Dickey and Trey Earley.

Brothers from Zeta Chi in the 2007 National Convention Delegation with the National Executive Director
Left to right: Seamus Welch (Sp. 07), Trey Earley (Sp. 04), National Executive Director Col. Alan Bonner (Ret.), Drew Dickey (Sp. 05), Nicholas Annan (Sp. 05), ZX Chapter Sponsor and SED Co-Governor Dr. David O’ Shields.

Distinguished Service to Music Medal (DSMM)
The DSMM is the highest award that can be presented to an individual in the fraternity. It was created in 1963 to recognize outstanding individual contributions to bands in several areas.

Instrumental Music Education
James K. Copenhaver, 1989-1991

Fraternity Service
Kenneth M. Corbett, 1995-1997

A. Frank Martin Award
This award was established in 1984 to recognize persons who have made contribution to the band field in a variety of categories.

Gordon Goodwin, 1991

Bohumil Makovsky Memorial Award
The Bohumil Makovsky Memorial Award was first presented in 1979 to honor outstanding conductors in the college bands. “Boh” was the Director of Bands and Head of the Music Department at Oklahoma State University from 1915 until 1945 and is considered to be “The Guiding Spirit of Kappa Kappa Psi.”

James K. Copenhaver, 2009

J. Lee Burke Student Achievement Award
Established in 1991 to recognize and honor student leaders of the fraternity.

James H. Dickson, Jr., 1991
Kirk Randazzo, 1995
Chris Bussell, 2001
Nicholas Annan, 2008

Silver Baton Award
This award recognizes individuals for their longevity and continuous quality service to bands.

James Black, April 2007

AEA Scholarship
The National Council awards scholarships of up to one thousand dollars ($1,000) each year for academic excellence. Applicants must have a GPA of 3.5 or better (on a 4.0 scale).

Alan Pine, 2000
Nicholas Annan, 2006, 2008

Academic Achievement Program
This program was established by the 1991 National Convention to honor outstanding achievement of both individual members and chapters.

National Intercollegiate Band (NIB)
Started in 1947 by Dr. F. Lee Bowling, this program works in conjunction with the Fraternity’s commissioning program; the oldest in America. The following Zeta Chi brothers have participated in the NIB:

William Cook, Euphonium, 1991
Matthew Love, French Horn, 1995
Brad Crane, Bassoon, 1997
Matt Carl, Clarinet, 1999
David Hodges, Trumpet, 1999
Michelle Olaes, French Horn, 1999
John Duhan, Trombone, 2001
Jamey Johnson, Percussion, 2001
Ricardo Cook, Alto Sax, 2005
Brandon Armstrong, Bass Clarinet, 2011

Chapter Awards

In addition to the awards given by the National Chapter, the Zeta Chi chapter honors brothers for their contributions on the chapter level. The following awards were created in honor of those who have represented Zeta Chi at the highest level.

Ken Corbett Alumni Achievement Award

Kenneth M. Corbett served as the National President of Kappa Kappa Psi for the biennium of 1989-1991. He currently sits on the Board of Trustees. To honor the great achievements by one of our very own brothers, the Zeta Chi chapter established the Kenneth M. Corbett Alumni Service Award. This award is to be presented to alumni of the Zeta Chi chapter who contribute active service to the chapter. The first recipients of this award were brothers Nate Larimore and Ronnie Pugh.

Nate Larimore, 1995
Ronnie Pugh, 1995
Kirk Randazzo, 1997
Charlene Patterson, 2005
Chris “Mal” Moore, 2007

VII. Additional Chapter Information

Chapter Number: 166
Chapter Mascot: “CC” (California Condor, Given to ZX by ZH)
Chapter Vegetable: Corn
Chapter Drink: A&W Root Beer

VIII. Prominent Member Biographies

Ken Corbett, National President, 1989-1991
Dr. Kirk Randazzo, National President, 2001-2003
James K. Copenhaver, Emeritus Director of Bands, 1976 – 2010
Dr. David O’Shields, Associate Director of Bands, 1996-2007

Kenneth M. Corbett

KENNETH M. CORBETT, National President 1989-1991 (Zeta Chi), from the University of South Carolina, was elected National President at the 35th Biennial Convention in Stillwater, Oklahoma. During his eight years as a member of the National Council, the Fraternity experienced significant growth in membership and financial stability. A concerted effort was made to strengthen ties with organizations such as Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, the Professional Fraternity Association and the National Interfraternity Conference.

The Top Ten award designation was changed to the Chapter Leadership Award. The council established the J. Lee Burke Student Achievement Award to honor our third Grand President and recognize outstanding student leaders. A uniform Membership Education Program was adopted by the 1991 convention. The Immediate Past National President was added as an ex-officio member of the National Council. The staff position of Chapter Field Representative was created to assist with chapter visitation and education. The Distinguished Service to Music Medal was approved for Alfred Reed, Stanley F. Michalski, Jr., Max and Susan Mitchell, Hugh McMillen, James G. Saied and James K. Copenhaver. The A. Frank Martin Award was approved for James Wells, George Parks, Malcolm Rowell, Jr., Reid Poole, Eddie N. Green, Christopher Haughee and Gordon R. Goodwin. The J. Lee Burke Student Achievement Award was presented to James H. Dickson, Jr.

At the 36th Biennial Convention the business sessions were separated from the National Intercollegiate Band schedule. The National Intercollegiate Bands concert was the opening of the business portion of the convention. Alfred Reed’s, Hymn Variants received its premiere performance. Ray E. Cramer served as guest conductor.

Ken works and volunteers his time with the University of South Carolina Band program coordinating registration activities for the Marching Band, Spring Band Clinic and Summer Music Camp. He is also the co-sponsor for the Zeta Chi Chapter at South Carolina. He serves as Secretary/Treasurer of the USC Alumni Band. He is a member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia and the University of South Carolina Alumni Association.

He and his wife Maribeth have two children, Jason and Sarah.

Dr. Kirk Randazzo

DR. KIRK RANDAZZO, National President 2001-2003 (Zeta Chi), from the University of South Carolina was elected National President at the 2001 National Convention in Corpus Christi, Texas. Kirk received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music and a Master of Arts Degree in International Relations from the University of South Carolina. Additionally, he received a Master of Arts Degree in Political Science and a Ph.D. in Political Science from Michigan State University. He is currently an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of South Carolina.

During his term of office the Fraternity continued to rely on strategic planning as a primary resource for developing long-term directives. At the 2001 and 2003 National Conventions, several strategic committees worked on creating out-of-the-box solutions to address important topics. Dr. Randazzo led the National Council in reviewing the materials from these committees and incorporating their ideas to further shape an enduring legacy for Kappa Kappa Psi. To this end he organized several strategic planning sessions for the National Council and Board of Trustees, and also organized a session which included the District Governors.

During the biennium two new programs were developed by the National Council as a result of those strategic planning efforts. First, the Service Showcase was created to recognize chapters’ outstanding service to bands and provide financial awards to those band programs. Second, the Diversity in Music Speaker Series was developed to invite prominent speakers to conventions with the goal of sharing their thoughts on band involvement. In addition to these two programs, the National Council continued its focus on leadership development and awareness of musicianship.

The biennium witnessed the recognition of several outstanding individuals. The Distinguished Service to Music Medal was awarded to James Cochran, Chris Haughee, Melvin Miles, Melbern Nixon, and Alfred Sergel. Additionally, the A. Frank Martin Award was presented to Michelle Kincheloe and Peter Murray. Finally, the Stanley G. Finck Memorial Award was presented to Peter Murray.

The 42nd biennial convention was held in July, 2003, in Norfolk, Virginia. During the convention a reunion of Past National Presidents was organized, bringing together presidents from across four decades. A reunion of Chapter Field Representatives also occurred. The National Intercollegiate Band was conducted by Don Wilcox and premiered the commissioned work Bandancing, by Dr. Jack Stamp.

James K. Copenhaver

JAMES COPENHAVER, Director of Bands and Professor of Music at the University of South Carolina, has served on the School of Music faculty since 1976. Copenhaver is a graduate of Morehead State University where he received both the Bachelor of Arts and the Master of Music Education degrees. He completed two additional years of graduate study in music at Florida State University. At USC, Copenhaver is responsible for administering the total band program. He conducts the University Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band, teaches undergraduate and graduate classes in wind instrument techniques, and is a member of the conducting faculty.

The USC Symphonic Band under the direction of James Copenhaver is one of the premier university concert bands in the nation. The ensemble has been featured in recent years at conventions of the MENC, the College Band Directors National Association Southern Division, the South Carolina Music Educators Association, the Atlanta International Band and Orchestra Conference, and the American Bandmasters Association. In 1999, Mr Copenhaver founded the Palmetto Concert Band whose membership is comprised mostly of former USC Symphonic Band members. He serves as co-conductor of this adult professional concert band. The Palmetto Concert Band was honored in presenting the Grand Finale Concert at the 1999 Midwest International Band and Orchestra Clinic.

Prior to his appointment as Director of Bands at the University of South Carolina, Copenhaver taught at Holmes High School in Covington (KY), Morehead State University, Clemson University, and Florida State University. Leading educational institutions across the country have recognized him for his accomplishments in the areas of bands and instrumental music performance. He is a recipient of both the Outstanding Bandmaster Award and the Outstanding Contributor to Bands Award from the South Carolina Chapter of Phi Beta Mu National Bandmaster Fraternity. He has also received the National Band Association “Citation of Excellence” award. In 1991, Mr. Copenhaver was awarded the Kappa Kappa Psi Distinguished Service to Music Medal in the field of Instrumental Music Education, the highest honor bestowed to an individual by this national honorary band fraternity. Copenhaver is also active in many professional organizations within the band field, including the prestigious American Bandmasters Association. He is a Past-President of both the National Band Association and the Southern Division of the College Band Directors National Association.

Dr. David O’ Shields

DAVID A. O’SHIELDS, Associate Director of Bands 1995 – 2007, is a native of West Point, Mississippi and a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi, where he received both the Bachelor of Music Education and the Master of Music Education degrees. He completed the Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Conducting from the University of South Carolina. Prior to coming to USC, Dr. O’Shields served as Director of Bands and Supervisor of Instrumental Music for the Meridian (MS) Public School District for seven years and as Director of Bands at New Hope HS (MS) for four years.

From 1995 until 2007, Dr. O’Shields’s served as Associate Director of Bands and Director of Athletic Bands at the University of South Carolina. His duties at USC included conducting one of the fall wind ensembles and the USC Concert Band in addition to teaching undergraduate music education courses and graduate conducting courses. Dr. O’Shields also coordinated special events including the USC Band Clinic, the Governor’s All-Star Band and the USC Summer Music Camp. After serving as Director of Sales and Marketing for The Band Hall in Nashville, TN, Dr. O’Shields returned to South Carolina where he presently teaches at Lexington High School.

Dr. O’Shields is a three-time recipient of the National Band Association’s Citation of Excellence and has twice been named to Outstanding Young Men of America. In 2004, the Theta Chapter of Phi Beta Mu, Professional Bandmasters Fraternity honored Dr. O’Shields as winner of the Founders Award for the Outstanding Bandmaster in South Carolina. Dr. O’Shields has served as a clinician and adjudicator throughout the United States and is a former state chairman for the College Band Directors National Association and the National Band Association. He currently serves as Southeastern District Governor for Kappa Kappa Psi. Dr. O’Shields holds professional memberships in numerous organizations including the National Band Association, the Music Educators National Conference, the College Band Directors National Association, Pi Kappa Lambda, Kappa Kappa Psi, Tau Beta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia and Phi Beta Mu.










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